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At Excel Heating and Cooling, we believe in educating the community on a variety of topics related to home comfort, HVAC system durability, and energy efficiency. Our goal is to help make homes throughout the Shenandoah Valley more comfortably by providing timely and important information on home heating and cooling. When an HVAC system needs to be replaced, we work with homeowners and landlords to make informed purchasing decisions. Check out our blog posts to learn more!

Love is in the air — and so are germs if your home has poor indoor air quality. Many homeowners here in Harrisonburg and Elkton are unaware that the air in their home can have a significant impact on their overall physical health. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental health threats.

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Take a moment to think about the work environment at your business. What would happen if a sudden HVAC breakdown made indoor temperatures unbearable to work in? You would probably see some downtime at work, potentially resulting in some major profit losses.

If you’re still using a furnace and air conditioner to heat and cool your home, now is a good time to consider switching to a heat pump.
Take a look back on how we helped you this year!
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With winter in full swing, you may find yourself paying more and more frequent visits to your thermostat, turning up the temperature ever-so-slightly each time in an attempt to keep your home warm. Yet no matter how high you raise the temperature, your heating system never seems to make your home as warm as you would like. Sound familiar?
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Greater comfort, better indoor air quality, and reduced energy consumption are just a few of the things that will improve the health of your home this new year.
IAQ, co detector, indoor air quality, excel heating and cooling, VA
It's crucial to do what you can to monitor your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) during the winter. With a carbon monoxide detector from Excel, keeping your indoor air clean and free of harmful substances like carbon monoxide has never been easier.
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Unlike older systems which are hidden behind walls, mini-splits are installed in the open. How, you may wonder, will the new mini-split fit in with my current home decor?
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It’s a gorgeous, crisp winter day. The sky is blue and bright sunshine pours through the crystal-clear windows of your Harrisonburg, or Elkton, Virginia home. That shaft of warm light in the family room invites you to stand right in it, so you do, until you realize the air there is full of—what are those millions of tiny glittering particles floating in the air? Are they everywhere?

Your heating system is going to be running into the spring. Make sure you avoid unexpected breakdowns and high energy bills with furnace maintenance.


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  • Excel has done a great job of getting my heating and AC working efficiently. They were quick and thorough. The minute I had a question, they were back to check it out/fix it.

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