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From Broadway to Bridgewater, Elkton, and beyond, boilers are a common way for Virginia homeowners to heat their homes. Residential boilers are typically much less costly to operate compared to electric baseboard heaters. We are proud to install, maintain, and service boilers throughout the central Shenandoah Valley.

Energy Efficient Home Heating

Boilers can be an efficient and comfortable way to heat Virginia homes throughout the winter. High-efficiency boilers can result in lower utility bills compared to electric baseboard heating units, especially with a condensing boiler system is used.

The energy efficiency of a boiler is rated by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE, the greater the energy efficiency of the new boiler system. For example, a boiler with an 85% AFUE means it uses 85% of the energy it consumes to actually heat the home and 15% escapes through the chimney or elsewhere. We're committed to installing boilers with exceptional AFUE ratings.

Properly HVAC Equipment Sizing

Home boilers are commonly oversized by HVAC contractors. This boosts heating system equipment costs and wastes energy. Likewise, an undersized heating system may not be effective in keeping your home warm enough during a cold snap and could cause excessive wear and tear on the boiler.

To avoid this issue, Our Comfort Advisors generate thorough load calculations for homes. This ensures that boilers are properly sized for optimum comfort, energy conservation, and reliability.

Exceptional Customer Service

Since 1953, the Excel team has been making homes from Broadway to Bridgewater more comfortable. Excel has earned a reputation for serving homeowners throughout the central Shenandoah Valley with some of the best equipment and workmanship available.

We take pride in delivering quality repair, maintenance, and installation services in the heating and cooling industry for every customer. Our NATE-certified staff follow industry guidelines to ensure that things are done right.

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I was very happy with your service and knowledge

I was very happy with your service and knowledge. You explained everything to me and informed me of future repairs and when it may be needed to be done without being pushy. Thank you.

Manassas, VA