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The best way to ensure that your air conditioning system is running properly on the hottest days of the year is with proper system maintenance. In fact, regular service and maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns, extend the life of your equipment, and save energy.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • Prevents needless wear and tear for greater system longevity
  • Avoids costly repairs and promotes reliability
  • Saves money on utility costs through energy conservation
  • Improves home air quality by reducing the concentration of allergens

Air Conditioner Maintenance for Optimum Performance

Regular AC service and maintenance is essential for comfort and energy conservation during the Shenandoah Valley's long, hot summers. In fact, maintenance also protects your cooling equipment by extending its lifespan, saving energy and money over time.

When air conditioners are not properly cleaned, airflow becomes restricted. Likewise, undercharged refrigerant can increase energy use by 20%, according to Texas A&M. These common cooling system maintenance issues make your system work harder, using more energy to keep your home cool.

Our Excel Heating and Cooling Comfort Advisors will inspect your air conditioning system from top to bottom. We offer maintenance service plans to protect your equipment and save on repairs. We will keep your unit running in peak condition. Customer education is very important to us -- we're happy to answer any questions you have about your HVAC system!


24/7 Air Conditioning Repair Service

If you cooling system stops working during our hot Shenandoah Valley summers, it can quickly become a big problem. As a company known for fast and reliable service, Excel can determine how to resolve the issue. Rest assured that we will not try to sell you unneeded repairs or new equipment! Our emergency service will get your home comfortable as fast as possible.

Excel is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve your cooling issue. Call us at 540-434-0030 to get started.

We service all brands and models of air conditioners and mini-splits. Our trucks stock many common parts for speedy repairs, including repair fans and coils. Our NATE-certified Comfort Advisors will get your system up and running in no time!

Want to keep you system running at peak condition? Does your system need a repair? Call Excel today!

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