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Although it is the backbone of your heating and cooling system, ductwork and its importance is often overlooked. Improperly sized or unbalanced ducts waste energy and create comfort issues throughout the home. At Excel Heating and Cooling, we offer air duct assessments to determine if your system is operating properly. We also install new ductwork and perform duct repairs.

Ductwork problems (like air leaks, improper sizing, or obstructions) can cause uneven temperatures, high energy bills, and indoor air quality issues. Ductwork must be well-sealed, insulated, and sized properly to ensure your home's heating and cooling system is working as efficiently as possible. The first step is an Excel duct evaluation.

Pinpointing Ductwork Issues

Many homes have rooms or areas with improper airflow from the heating and cooling system. This causes uneven temperatures throughout the home or rooms that are difficult to heat or cool. In many cases, occupants crank up the heating or air conditioning system to compensate, increasing energy bills.

When these issues arise, many homeowners think they need a new HVAC system. In many cases, however, it is actually the ductwork that is the root cause. Excel's Comfort Advisors are skilled in evaluating and sizing HVAC ducts for optimum performance throughout the year for more efficient heating and cooling.

Proper Ductwork Sizing

At Excel, we take home comfort very seriously. As a result, we make meticulous calculations to ensure that new ductwork is properly sized. We follow the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) protocols and conduct load calculations to measure your home's heating and cooling needs. This allows us to properly size your ductwork based on calculations, not guesswork.

Since 1953, Excel has earned a trusted name throughout the central Shenandoah Valley for providing Virginia home and business owners with honest, professional, and dependable HVAC installation and maintenance services. Our NATE-certified team is known for doing everything by the book to ensure your heating, cooling, and ventilation system is operating at peak performance. Our Comfort Advisors are known for getting the job done right!

Do you have uneven temperatures throughout your home? Contact Excel today to solve these comfort issues.