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Excel Comfort Advisors install and service heat pump systems throughout the central Shenandoah Valley area. We offer many HVAC systems to choose from and we service all makes and models of equipment.

Heat pump technology has advanced significantly in recent years to become even more efficient and has grown in popularity in Virginia -- and for good reason! An air source heat pump can provide heat and air conditioning for your whole home, using electricity as its energy source. Since heat pumps simply move thermal energy and their lowest operating temperature is -4°F, Virginia’s climate is perfectly suited to using them for effective heating and air conditioning.

Different Types of Heat Pumps

All types of heat pumps offer an energy efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces, however, there are some differences between the kinds of heat pumps on the market:

  • Traditional air source heat pumps require ductwork, carrying heated or cooled air throughout the entire home.

  • Ductless or mini split heat pumps don’t require ductwork, but are only able to condition the air in a limited area, meaning larger homes would require several units.

  • Geothermal heat pumps need ducts and can work under any conditions, as long as a geothermal energy source is present.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps

Upgrading to a heat pump to heat and cool your home provides you with many benefits. These include:

  • Providing a whole-home heating and cooling solution

  • Enhancing home comfort with even temperatures

  • Enabling greater energy savings

  • Providing better home dehumidification than with standard central air conditioners

  • Dominion Virginia Power customers may qualify for cash rebates

Heat Pumps: Providing Greater Savings

Heat pumps offer an average savings of 30-40%, making your home more energy efficient and saving you money. Compared to other heating sources, which may use fossil fuels, heat pumps are a cleaner alternative, preventing tons of greenhouse gas emissions from polluting the atmosphere.

Excel Heating and Cooling: The Heat Pump Experts

Your local heating experts since 1953, Excel Heating and Cooling has experience with every system and will ensure your home will receive the best option. Excel can help you determine which heat pump solution would be appropriate for your home, helping you stay comfortable at home while saving on your energy costs.

Want to make your home more comfortable? Contact Excel today to learn more about a heat pumps for your home!

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