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In our hot Shenandoah Valley climate, effective cooling solutions are necessary for summer comfort. Mitsubishi mini split heat pump systems both heat and cool homes, delivering exceptional comfort throughout the entire year.

Excel Heating and Cooling installs and services a variety of innovative air-source heat pumps that can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing homes without the need for expensive ductwork design and installation. This is a great option for room additions or for the entire home that will help homeowners:

  • Lower energy and utility costs

  • Improve year-round comfort

  • Offer customized “zoned” heating and cooling options

  • Reduce fossil fuel energy usage

  • Avoid harmful carbon monoxide leaks from combustion heating systems

Advanced Technology for Exceptional Comfort

Mini split heat pump technology has advanced significantly in recent years, increasing home comfort and energy efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric systems are quiet to operate and allow a home to be zoned. This means that you can set different room temperatures throughout the house depending on use and personal preference. Home zoning allows for greater comfort and energy savings during the summer or winter in below freezing weather.

Many Virginia homeowners are impressed by the excellent performance of Mitsubishi’s ductless mini splits throughout the summer and the entire year. They provide an effective high-efficiency heating and cooling option for just one room or an entire house.

Energy Savings Throughout the Summer and Beyond

Air conditioning systems are rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit. Since mini splits have no ductwork, there is less opportunity for energy to be lost through the ductwork. This is especially true for homes with ductwork in unconditioned spaces.

In addition, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pumps have become much more efficient in recent years, significantly reducing energy use. Excel installs a variety of high efficiency models from Mitsubishi Electric that lead to significant energy savings.

Dual-Fuel Mini Splits Offer Greater Freedom

Excel can install systems with dual-fuel compatibility. This allows you to switch between gas and electricity to power your heat pump, depending on price or personal preference.

Rebates & Incentives Can Help You Save More

There are a number of rebates available through local utility companies that can make upgrading and maintaining mini split HVAC systems more affordable. We list a few of them on our Utility Incentives page, but reach out to our team for more information so we can help you take advantage of the best currently available offers and rebates for your home in Harrisonburg, Elkton, Broadway, and more.

Want to make your home more comfortable throughout the year? Contact Excel today to learn more about Mitsubishi Electric mini splits!

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