What a Visit from a Comfort Advisor Looks Like

At Excel, we take a unique approach to home heating and cooling. Instead of sending merely a salesperson to your home for a short visit, we send a trained Comfort Advisor. We'll speak with you to understand home comfort and indoor air quality issues, using the information we gather to customize heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Our visits typically take about two hours. We'll thoroughly inspect your ductwork and the heating and cooling system.

Proper System Sizing

Instead of simply suggesting a newer version of your current heating and cooling system, we perform Manual J load calculations to ensure proper system sizing. This involves taking measurements of the home and assessing its overall energy efficiency.

Did you know that most air conditioning systems are oversized? Our load calculations frequently reveal that a smaller heating and cooling system would suit your needs. Oversized systems typically use more energy and can actually cause home comfort issues.

Optimum Ductwork Performance

Although much of your ductwork may be out of sight, it is of paramount importance to home performance and comfort. Imbalances in your ductwork can cause some areas of the home to be uncomfortably warm or cold. Leaks in the ductwork also reduce energy efficiency and can create indoor air quality issues.

When installing a new heating and cooling system, Excel Comfort Advisors inspect your ductwork and can perform calculations to determine if the ductwork is properly sized.

We Value Homeowner Education!

Our Comfort Advisors believe in informing homeowners about all their options to boost home comfort, cut energy bills, and improve air quality. We want homeowners to make informed decisions based on accurate information. During our visit to your home, we are happy to explain our observations and recommendations.

We also listen carefully to our customers to gain insightful information about how a home is performing to ensure we are addressing all issues. We work with you to find the best home performance solutions, taking your goals, home, and budget into account.

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We have a unique approach to home heating and cooling.

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